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Advantages of Studying in a Student Residence

At Paules Residence in Salamanca, we meet young people who initially feel a bit overwhelmed by having to make a radical change in their lives. Their parents are also often worried about the fact that their child is going to live far from home for the first time. However, visiting our student residences usually ends up convincing them that it is the best option. Indeed, if you are going to study a degree at a university far from your home, staying in a university environment will save you many headaches.

Choosing a degree also involves making other decisions.

When you finish high school, as a student, you will begin a stage that can be decisive in your life since it will mark a part of your professional future. Deciding what degree you want to study also involves making other decisions. For example, choose a good university at which to pursue the chosen studies. And that will surely lead you to have to live away from home for a few years.

Choosing a university residence is usually the first option for most young people. The explanation is simple, they are environments professionally focused on providing the best services to university students. It’s about being able to focus on what’s really important, your studies, without having to worry about anything else.

Additionally, it is also a way for your parents or relatives to be sure that you will be in a healthy environment, where none of the services you need are lacking. However, there are a number of considerations that you should evaluate as a family.

Staying at Paules University Residence will allow you to concentrate on your studies and establish social relationships. Our role goes beyond providing accommodation, to try to enhance the experience of our residents as they go through a learning process that involves both professional and personal growth.

Ventajas de estudiar en una residencia de estudiantes

At Paules Residence, you will find everything you might need

Student residences are generally located close to university faculties, ensuring that students can get to their study centers in just a few minutes. For example, Paules Residence in Salamanca is less than ten minutes by car from the main faculties.

The facilities of student residences have all the amenities you might need. The student rooms are designed with your comfort in mind and feature innovative, practical, and ergonomic furniture so you can study and rest comfortably. Moreover, all services are included in the price, from cleaning to electricity, water, or internet. You also have study rooms and other leisure areas where you can meet with your peers. You won’t have to worry about cooking either, as we serve a balanced and healthy menu in the dining hall.

Additionally, you can use the facilities to play sports or walk through the green areas surrounding our residence.

One thing that university residences facilitate is that you do not feel alone. There are many students who share not only the space but also the fact of experiencing similar life events. Moreover, at Paules Residence, we strive to create activities that promote coexistence.

Staying in a university residence will provide you with independence that will help you mature.

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