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Are you an eco-friendly student?

Surely upon reading the title, you’ve wondered, “What is an ‘eco-friendly student’?” No, we haven’t reinvented the wheel. An eco-friendly student is one who tries every day to reduce and cause the least possible harm to the environment.

From the Paúles University Residence in Salamanca, we are 100% committed to environmental care. Over the years, we have carried out small actions within the university residence that help reduce this impact, and now you can also do your bit.

6 Ways to Be an Eco-Friendly Student

Below we share some points that you can incorporate into your daily routine which require little effort on your part:

Taking notes on an iPad or PC

Opting to take notes electronically can help reduce paper usage and therefore deforestation. A small gesture, which can greatly contribute to environmental care.

Turning off the lights

Be mindful of the appliances we have in the room and not leave them plugged in if they are not being used. Turning off the room lights when leaving, the library, or the game room. These small details will contribute to energy savings both for the residence and the country. Additionally, it will create a habit in you that will be very useful once you move out and have your own flat.


A great idea shared with us last year by one of the residents, which we all adopted, was to buy an eco-friendly trash can. Yes, those with 3 compartments, and place it in the room of the residence. Over the week, we realized the amount of waste we accumulate that we can recycle. Are you joining this initiative?

Reusable bags

Many of us already have the habit of carrying a cloth bag in our bag or backpack for when we need to shop. In addition to making our lives easier, with this simple gesture, we are helping to eliminate plastic from bags, yes, also saving those cents that are charged to us at every commercial establishment.


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Walk or use a bicycle

There’s nothing like riding your bike to early morning classes. In addition to getting some exercise and arriving more alert, we help the planet. Remember that there are bike rental passes available at a very affordable price. If you don’t like biking, you have the option to walk, taking a stroll and clearing your mind outdoors, or alternatively, use public transportation. We have a stop less than 100 meters from the entrance and it also offers special discounts for students.

Buy less or borrow

One of our great weaknesses is shopping, especially in Salamanca, where you find shops, cafes every few steps… In the consumer culture in which we are immersed, accumulating clothes, appliances, and products of all kinds is common. Reducing our purchases, sharing what we have helps to increase waste and the exploitation of the environment for the extraction of materials used to make these products.

As you can see, these 6 aspects are not complicated to implement and we are creating an ecological culture, contributing greatly to the care of the environment. Do you meet all these requirements? If your answer is yes, congratulations, you are an eco-friendly student!

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