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Considerations to Keep in Mind When Choosing a University Degree

At the Paules University Residence in Salamanca, we spend time with many students. That’s why we know that for many, having to choose a university degree can be a bit overwhelming. There are many considerations to keep in mind, as the studies you choose can determine your future. Therefore, today we want to discuss a few issues that may be helpful when making this decision.

Analyse your interests, talents, and weaknesses

Our first recommendation is that you take time to analyse what your main interests are. When choosing a university degree, you will have many opinions: those of your parents, teachers, friends, etc. Each will try to give you their best arguments. It will be beneficial for you to listen to and value all of them. However, no one knows better than you what you are truly interested in. You should evaluate both the areas of knowledge you identify with and your hobbies.

You might think that the latter does not sound very serious, but if, for example, you really like drawing, you could consider pursuing a degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts. If you are a sports fanatic, you could obtain a degree in Physical Education. And if you are a movie buff, you could opt to study a Degree in Audiovisual Media. These are just a few examples.

Self-awareness is essential when choosing a career. Keep in mind that you will dedicate a significant part of your life to it. Knowing your skills, talents, and also your weaknesses will help you make the right decision. We remind you that you can always go to a counsellor who will help you with these issues and even take a professional orientation test.

Cuestiones a tener en cuenta al elegir un grado universitario

Research the degree that interests you

Once you have a clear understanding of the above issues, analyse the different academic offerings of the universities of your choice. For example, the educational offerings provided by the University of Salamanca are very broad and all of great prestige.

Once you think you know what studies you would like to undertake, our advice is to do some research. Study in depth what the degree involves, what subjects will be studied, what career opportunities it offers… You wouldn’t be the first to choose a degree and upon completing it discover that it isn’t exactly what you wanted to do.

Also find out what job opportunities are available. Remember that once you finish, your degree will guide your future career. Make sure that when you finish, you will have the possibility of finding a job related to it. Of course, you should also look at the entry requirements for the studies you want to pursue and whether your academic record meets them.

A practical but fundamental issue is to analyse your financial situation, to know if you will be able to afford all the expenses that university entails. Check if you can access any type of scholarship, you might even consider combining work and studies.

If you still choose a degree and make a mistake, don’t worry. At Paules Residence, we know students who realized their mistake and corrected it in time.

Whatever the case, the decision to choose your university studies should be a well-thought-out process, in which you invest time and are honest with yourself. And remember that there are many people with the same doubts and in the same situation as you.

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