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What to Consider When Choosing a University Residence

Every stage of life has its attractions and challenges to overcome. But perhaps it is when we arrive at university that we start to realise this reality. At Paules student residence, we see how new students arrive at our facilities with a mix of hope and fear.

There are many decisions you have to make in a short time. Firstly, the degree you are going to study, which will be decisive for your future. And then moving away from home, often for the first time, and finding the perfect place to stay for the next few years of your life, is usually a cause of concern for both you and your parents.

The perfect environment and company

Among the main accommodation options you have as a university student are renting an apartment, generally and to save costs, shared, as well as student residences. In our case, we always advise you to choose a residence. The reasons are as varied as they are practical.

Firstly, you should know that university residences will always seek to meet all those needs you have when leaving your family home for the first time.

Another important issue is that in a student residence you will be surrounded by people your age, who are living the same situation and experiences as you. In the residence, you can choose, according to your needs and interests, between an individual or shared room. Nevertheless, you will have access to numerous common areas, from the dining room to study and leisure rooms where you can socialize and make friends within the residence.

Furthermore, at Paules Residence, we have professionals who will help you at all times with any questions you may have. In addition, we develop all kinds of activities, from sports to excursions to get to know the city and games that will allow you to meet your fellow residents naturally.

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Every service you might need

Going into more practical aspects, renting a room at Paules University Residence includes not only a fully equipped bedroom with new furniture and a private bathroom but also a range of services. By staying at Paules Residence, you will have access to weekly room cleaning services and all utilities such as water, electricity, and internet included.

You should also know that at the residence, we have private parking available, vending machines active 24 hours, and you can use our laundry services. We have specific rooms for studying and a library, but also entertainment rooms with television and other game rooms where you can hang out with your friends. Outdoors, you will enjoy sports areas and tracks, as well as extensive landscaped spaces for walking and exercising in the open air.

Moreover, with full board included, you won’t have to worry about shopping or cooking. In conclusion, choosing to spend your university years in a student residence is a decision for convenience and, when thought out well, also for economy.

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