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New at the Residence: How to Plan Your Move

At Paules Residence, they know well how difficult the moving process can be for students arriving at the student residence for the first time. Therefore, we want to give you a series of tips that we believe could be useful. You should realize that, although lengthy, your stay will be temporary. And although our rooms are spacious and have plenty of storage space, you will still have limited space and there is no need to bring everything you have at home.

Plan well what you will need

Moving to a new city can be a bit tortuous if not well planned. Surely by now many of you are already considering all the preparations to start the course well. Therefore, our first piece of advice is to take paper and pen or open a note on your mobile and make a list as detailed as possible of all the things you think you should bring to what will become your new home. Once you have it, review it. You will probably realize that there are things you can cross off and others you had forgotten.

You should also consider the distance. If you are not going to be far from home, if you need something, a family member or friend can always bring it to you. We assume that you have already visited our student residence in Salamanca and that you have a clear idea of the space and the services you can enjoy.

cómo planificar tu mudanza

Try to take only the things you consider truly essential. Before you start packing like crazy, think about whether it’s really worth taking certain things or whether it’s better to buy them in the new city.

Take the most immediate things with you

Another criterion you should consider is utility. If you start storing many things just in case you need them, you will end up with huge and impractical luggage. Once you have a clear idea of what you are going to wear, it’s time to classify it. It’s best to separate it by utility. The things you are going to need first can be stored in one or two suitcases that you will take with you. The rest can go in boxes or other suitcases.

If you are not going to drive to your new residence, our recommendation is to send the bulk of your belongings through a courier or moving company. This way, you will carry the essentials with you and won’t have to worry about the rest.

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