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University Students Prefer to Live in Student Residences

At Paules University Residence, we have no doubt that the best option to start your university career is to choose our accommodation. But we don’t say this just because; our main goal is always to work to make our residents feel at home.

We not only have facilities prepared to meet all your needs thanks to their comforts but also have a team that works to help you with everything you might need, even before you realize it.

Spaces adapted to your needs

One of the first doubts that new university students often have is whether to choose to live in a student residence or in a rental apartment. Most young people who arrive at university choose a student residence. The reasons are varied. First, when you are not very familiar with the city you are moving to, you value having your residence in an unbeatable location. This means it should be close to the campus where you are going to study.

Our residence is located 10 minutes from the city, so you can access all the services you might need, both essential and recreational, and make the most of your stay in Salamanca.

Another reason is that when you arrive new, you hardly know anyone. In a university residence, you will be fully integrated from minute one, and it will be very easy to meet people because most of you will be in the same situation, something that undoubtedly unites. At Paules Residence, we have a wide variety of common spaces where residents can meet and socialize. We have rooms where you can play foosball or billiards, also watch television or play video games.

Moreover, we work to create the ideal environment for you to meet your peers in a simple and natural way. We organize different types of events and activities so that all residents can participate, regardless of tastes and hobbies.

Los universitarios prefieren vivir en residencias de estudiantes

You will have access to all services

Another undeniable advantage of university residences is that we offer all kinds of services. From laundry and parking to weekly cleaning and a dining hall.

All services are included in the rent, including internet; at our residence, we have 600 Mb WiFi in all rooms, even water and electricity consumption, so you won’t have to worry about paying more bills.

Living in a university residence means gaining quality of life. You don’t have to worry about anything and can fully concentrate on your studies and enjoy your free time. You will meet many people and live in a space that has been completely designed with your needs and comfort in mind.

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