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The worst advice you can receive for living in a University Residence

When you mention that you want to live in a University Residence, it’s time for advice. Family, friends, acquaintances, and even people you’ve just met will quickly advise you on how to handle the new stage of university.

Appreciate the advice because these people take some of their time and experience to give you hints to improve your life, or simply so you don’t make the same mistake I did. At least they’re trying to help you.

They’ll probably tell you about the cold days in Salamanca, that freezing air that seeps through every opening it finds, they’ll also suggest how to protect yourself, what coats to buy. But above all, the advice will revolve around studies: how to take notes, programs for your computer, tablet, how to print double-sided to save a few euros…

You might also hear the worst advice you can receive if you’re going to live in a University Residence in Salamanca, and now I’ll share with you what, for me, are the top 5 worst pieces of advice.

The worst advice you can receive if you’re going to live in a University Residence.

El peor consejo que pueden darte para vivir en una Residencia Universitaria

Focus on your studies, live your own life, and ignore people and their issues. Let each person deal with their own stuff.”

Terrible advice.

Don’t pay attention to this advice if you want your life in the University Residence to be peaceful.

Following this advice will only lead you to isolate yourself, feel overwhelmed, and in the end, you won’t be happy. Even if you want to make the most of your time and avoid cohabitation problems. Socializing is important, don’t forget that.

The logic seems very simple: focus on yourself and avoid all distractions, hence, avoiding enmities and conflicts, and everyone’s happy.

Nothing could be further from the truth, I’m sorry to tell you.

Isolating yourself will only make the years of university studies feel like a struggle, and remember, years pass and cannot be recovered.

What’s it like to live in a university residence?

Living in a University Residence is the opposite; it’s embarking on a journey away from home with a group of friends who are experiencing the same stage as you, with the same fears and insecurities. Being with them, socializing, making friends will make you grow and enrich you in every aspect.

Are you going to let this opportunity slip away and boast about having a great group of friends?

Even out of pure selfishness, it’s important to connect with those around you.

With some in the Residence, you’ll have classes in common; with others, perhaps you’re from the same town or city; with some, you’ll share musical tastes; you’ll have a good time; you’ll even find those who will only coincide to encourage each other to progress in their studies…

Closing yourself off is a defensive strategy. This is how we think we can avoid facing what we fear: rejection, ridicule, not being popular…

Say goodbye to worries by living in the Paulist Missionary University Residence.

Forget about all these concerns: in the student residence, you’ll be surrounded by many students who are in the same situation as you:

You’re from outside Salamanca
You’re studying at the University
You live in the same university residence
You’re new or have been new
You all want your university education to be unforgettable
You want to interact with others
You’re all very fortunate to be in university, and even more so in Salamanca!

So, cheer up in this new stage of your life, open your heart to the world, and make the most of everything it has to offer. In the residence, you’re going to live in Salamanca wonderfully.

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