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Tips for Studying and Passing Final Exams

Final exams in late May and June are just around the corner, but don’t panic. From Paules Residence, we bring you a few tricks to study and prepare for exams. Aren’t we nice?

The truth is, although we know that many are tempted, starting to prepare for exams at the last minute is the worst idea. If you manage to prepare the material and study throughout the course, you are almost certain to have no problems with the exams. But even so, sometimes you will find yourself short on time and will only have a few days to tackle a topic. Don’t give up, after all, there’s nothing to lose by trying. Well, maybe a few hours of sleep, but it will have been worth it.

Get rid of nervousness and organize your notes

Even if we forget the dates we are in, in the student residences of Salamanca we would know that it is exam time by the nervousness that permeates every corner. And it is that nerves cannot be avoided, nor can one resist posting a story or two so that your crush knows which library you are studying in. But you have to try to put them aside, especially Instagram and flirting, focus, and try to make the most of the time we have. So let’s go there.

Prioritize: It’s clear that you will have a lot of material to prepare. If you’re short on time, tackling everything can be overwhelming. So start by selecting the parts you consider most important and discard the rest. If you have time left, you will have the chance to expand on the material, but you should focus on the essentials.

Get the best material for studying: If you haven’t been able to attend class or you think your notes aren’t good enough, you can always turn to a platform like Wuolah. It’s a community aimed at providing valuable services to students and the entire educational community by sharing knowledge in the form of notes and study materials. It was started in 2015 by four university students from Seville and has been growing ever since. When an idea is good, it works.

Take a deep breath: And it’s important that you study calmly. A certain degree of stress can be positive as a stimulus, but too much will only make you lose concentration and not be able to assimilate ideas well. So prepare a cup of linden tea, take a few deep breaths, and you’re set.

Trucos para estudiar y aprobar los exámenes finales

Mind your attitude and memorize the essentials

Attitude is key: Think about superheroes; why does none of them go into battle with a defeatist attitude? Well, neither should you. Being positive involves having an open attitude that leads to a better understanding of the subject. Get rid of negative thoughts and focus on what’s really important. No getting up for a spoonful of Nutella, making a pizza, or watching the latest episode on Netflix.

Keep time in mind but don’t obsess over it: Remember, the important thing is that you study calmly. But it’s also a good idea to monitor the material you’ve selected so that you have time to tackle it without getting stuck on a topic.

Memorize what’s important: One of the fundamental keys to successful studying is understanding the subject you are dealing with. But in almost all subjects, there will be some fundamental points that you will need to memorize. Choose the mnemonic rules that best suit you.

Rest: It’s true, we’ve said that you’re racing against time, but even so, resting is very important. And not sleeping only diminishes your faculties. That mental fog that forms in your head after a night of insomnia is the last thing you need when facing an exam.

At Paules Residence, we believe in you, remember that you always know much more than you think.

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