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The university residence you’ll want to live in Salamanca

The Paules Residence is the university residence where you’ll want to live during your years of university studies in Salamanca. This accommodation has everything you need to live comfortably during your time at university. And not just because of its facilities and services… The Paules Student Residence will become the university residence where you’ll want to live because the atmosphere here is extremely fabulous.

The entire residence staff works tirelessly to achieve a general harmony that allows everyone’s well-being. It’s thanks to this that we have residents who come back year after year. Here, we avoid any discomfort and provide all the facilities to make this stay enjoyable. We take care of the safety of our students, we care about them, and we try to protect them at all times.

Although our full board service provides comfort to our students, there are other services that we offer that are considered indispensable at the Paules University Residence in Salamanca. The daily meal service, for example, is one of the most popular, and not because we say so, but because everyone who comes to live here says so—the food is exquisite! We offer a varied weekly menu, with lunches and dinners from Monday to Sunday. The food is homemade, and our chefs have great culinary experience, so it’s no coincidence that the food is a success.

Other services of the Paules University Residence

Residencia Universitaria en la que querrás vivir

This Student Residence in Salamanca, located in Santa Marta de Tormes, offers other services that make life much easier for boys and girls, such as laundry service. During the years you live in this accommodation, you won’t have to worry about washing your clothes. Doing laundry is one of the daily tasks that consumes the most time: at the Paules Residence, this task is covered. Residents prepare their clothes and reserve them for the laundry staff to pick up and take to the washing machine. Once the washing and drying process is finished, the resident receives their clothes properly folded in their room.

The Paules Fathers Residence is the university residence where you’ll want to live in Salamanca because it also has a cleaning service. Room cleanliness is key to a healthy and organized life, but there isn’t always enough time to clean the room properly… Here, this isn’t a concern; users only have to tidy up their belongings in the room, and the cleaning staff periodically sweeps, mops, and performs other related tasks.

This is one of the most comfortable residences. Here you’ll find all kinds of rooms designed for study and relaxation. The Paules University Residence in Salamanca is the best substitute for your home during your time at university.

Are you coming? Don’t keep looking for where to live in Salamanca. Reserve your spot now at Residencia Paules Salamanca.

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