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What University Can Teach You

At Paules Residence, each year we see how students who decide to live with us evolve as they progress in their studies. But it’s not just the classes and the knowledge gained in them that facilitate this change. In fact, starting at university means undergoing a major life change, and along the way, you will learn many things.

University can be a good teacher of life

The university stage can be decisive for the rest of your life. Every day you will come into contact with hundreds of peers, some studying the same as you, others sharing space in the student residence in Salamanca. This means that you will meet many people with different interests, ways of seeing, and thinking. And although sometimes there are topics that may seem shocking to you, undoubtedly, having other points of view will be enriching. Learn to appreciate differences and dealing with many different people can be a significant aid when you start your working life.

One thing you will soon learn, both for living comfortably and for maintaining a useful and effective study rhythm, is how to organize yourself. At university, you will not have your parents or teachers guiding you and telling you what to do. You will be the one who has to manage the time you dedicate to each subject, to doing work, to practicing sports, to having fun, etc. Additionally, you will have to take care of your things, it is true that at Paules Residence we strive to make things easy by cleaning the rooms weekly. But you will be responsible for keeping your space tidy, washing your clothes, and other practical matters.

You will also soon discover that you have a great enemy that will make things more difficult: procrastination. That is, the tendency most of us have to waste time by leaving things to the last minute. At university, cramming everything at the last moment will not work.

Lo que la Universidad puede enseñarte

In this stage, you will learn to know yourself better

University is expensive, it’s not just about paying for the degree, but also for accommodation or travel, buying materials, books, technological equipment… Perhaps until now you never had the need to save or control your expenses. For the same reason, you will also learn to value more what you have and take care of it.

Having to take care of things you haven’t done before and changing your lifestyle will help you discover skills you might not have known you had. Maybe you’re good at cooking, maybe ironing, or you’re more organized than you thought. Indeed, in this stage of life especially, you will learn to know yourself better.

Value your skills and know your weaknesses It will also help you improve yourself. We all like to be the best, but it’s important to understand that we can’t be the best at everything. It’s a good stage to test yourself in many aspects and learn to surpass yourself. It is also a good time to learn to value the opportunities that present themselves in life, you will have to keep your eyes and mind wide open to not let them slip away. But if you make a mistake, it’s okay, try to overcome it and keep trying.

One of the things you will learn at university is that if you don’t want to, you won’t be alone. At Paules Residence, we do everything on our part to help you make friends, together you will enjoy more and better overcome the difficulties of the journey.

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