It may seem hard to believe, but it’s already almost time to start classes. You’ll find yourselves in the first semester, and surely, many of you are arriving for the first time.

At Paules University Residence, we want to support you during these years of your life where you will have to give your utmost effort. Our entire team supports you and we do not want this university stage to end up overwhelming you or your nerves.

This is why we have wanted to advise you on how important it is to keep your mind active and focused. You must take care of your health, both physical and mental, to achieve the results you want.

While some may only need sports to relax, disconnect, release endorphins, and continue studying after a gym session, we understand that for many of you, practicing sports may not be enough.

Técnicas de relajación para estudiantes universitarios

Relaxation Techniques for University Students

Deep Breathing is a relaxation technique for when you are stressed and/or very busy. Breathing is the first sign that you are overwhelmed. It all comes down to inhaling and exhaling, over and over. Take a deep breath, hold it, and release it slowly. You will see how quickly you recover.

Yoga Techniques are one of the best practices to improve posture and realign bones and muscles, something very necessary when we spend hours and hours sitting. You can practice it comfortably in your room with a mat.

Mini Massages are also beneficial. Take a moment to massage your hands, arms, legs, feet… to relax your body. So many hours in the same position and under tension can cause every muscle in your body to contract, forming knots.

Apply these relaxation techniques, and you will be more than ready to face the intense daily task of studying and learning.