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How to Succeed While Studying at University

At Paules Residence, we understand that adapting to university life can be challenging at first for some students. Our advice is to take it easy and try from the outset to adopt good habits that allow you to organize yourself well. Indeed, good organization is undoubtedly the key to success.

Higher education represents a significant change in the lives of young people. Many of you not only have to deal with the fact of living away from home for the first time but also with adapting to a new way of studying with a much higher level of demand than you were used to.

Create the habit of studying daily

At Paules Residence in Salamanca, we try to make things easier for you in terms of lifestyle, coexistence, and the resources we provide. However, to achieve a successful course, it is crucial that you organize yourself, find study partners, and be consistent and willing to give your best effort from the beginning.

It is very important that you start by creating a study routine. You cannot wait to start studying when you have free time. We guarantee that if you do not organize yourself, you will not have it. Creating a habit forces us to allocate time for studying and to stick to it. We recommend that you start by spending some time developing a schedule. It should reflect your class hours and, on the other hand, the hours you will dedicate to studying.

If you have signed up for any type of recreational or sports activity, also include it in your schedule. It is about having a visual reference: How are you going to distribute your time? If you start studying from the beginning of the course, you will almost certainly be prepared for the exams. Additionally, it is important that you dedicate some time to studying every day. Remember, it is about acquiring a habit. On the other hand, reviewing the material daily will also help you memorize it better.

Moreover, you must keep in mind that not all subjects have the same degree of difficulty. Try to reserve more time to study those that are denser or more difficult. This will help you prepare them much better and reduce the fear when exam time comes.

Cómo tener éxito estudiando en la Universidad

Find a group to rely on

You can find a study partner or join a study group. This way, you can help each other with doubts and also build a support network, which is also very important.

A key issue for success at university is learning to cope with both anxiety and frustration. Anxiety can cause you to freeze at the least opportune moments, which will likely lead to poor results and frustration. Learning to know oneself, using concentration or breathing techniques can be helpful. But if you feel you can’t do it alone, you can also seek psychological help or support.

It is also important that you take care of your health. It’s not just about going out to exercise, which will undoubtedly help you deal with stress. But also that you maintain a regular and healthy eating regimen. And that you sleep enough hours.

At Paules Residence in Salamanca, we know that having fun is also very important at this stage of your life. After all, you’re only young once, which is why we provide various leisure rooms with television and games for you to have a good time with your friends.

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